✓We enjoy life.
✓We love beer.
✓We live The Beerfulness!

Who we are?

We are travelers, creative, curious; we love spending time with friends; walking, enjoying the beautiful things that nature and life offer us, and mainly: we love beer!

Beer is part of our daily life and lifestyle, not just drinking it, but consciously enjoying it and learning about it:

  • We write about Beer
  • We talk about Beer
  • We read about Beer
  • We organize events around Beer
  • We brew Beer!

We dream about Beer!

We believe that the taste and pleasure of enjoying a good beer is excellently complemented by other activities that also provide well-being and happiness. With this idea and as part of our lifestyle that we have been living for several years, the concept of The Beerfulness was born, which we now want to share with all of you.