What is The Beerfulness?

“That happy, satisfaction and relax feeling when you drink a good beer. Being aware of what you are drinking, being present in the moment and enjoying everything around you. Intelligent drinking. Learn and practice The Beerfulness! Cheers! :)”

Author: Yadira Espinoza

The Beerfulness Concept was born in Berlin in the Spring of 2020 and begins to flourish in Ensenada Baja California, in Spring 2022.

The Beerfulness, based on the pleasure that delicious beer provides, integrates other areas and activities that are also related to provide human well-being and happiness, and therefore, from this point of view: to improve the quality of life.

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The Beerfulness is drinking beer in a smart way, learning about it, trying craft beer, visiting local breweries. It includes walking, exercising, riding a bike, enjoying nature, planting flowers or having your own vegetable garden; also cooking, pairing with your dishes and talking with friends while having a good beer.

Thats is The Beerfulness! And we will share it with you through: workshops, tastings, events, seminars, courses, etc.

Live The Beerfulness!